how to: beeswax toy polish

Working with wood can feel like a daunting prospect if you're not familiar with it but prepping the dowel for a Calamity Bolt project is actually pretty basic. I've added beeswaxing as a recommended step because in my opinion it's worth that bit of extra effort for the beautifully soft, non-splintery and durable finish. So nice for little hands!

{wild hobby horse} sewing pattern

Introducing my Wild Hobby Horse pattern, fresh out of the gates! This horse is set to... fast! A striped fabric is a surprisingly simple way to achieve the look of locks in a flyaway mane. Or if it's magic you're after, the unicorn variation has a sweet quilted horn and a sparkle in its eye. I love the uncomplicated minimalism of this design. Can you think of anyone who would positively absolutely definitely adore one of these?

how to: applique horse blaze

I was recently introduced to needle turn applique by a quilting friend. And I'm officially hooked! I love the finish, so beautiful, all hand done, using your needle to tuck under the raw edge (although I mostly use my fingers). If you’re new to this technique, rest assured it’s not as fiddly as it sounds and it’s totally worth the effort for the beautiful results.