how to: ruffle

This bunny is ready to join the circus... or just be a show off! Either way, I'm smitten. This ruffle is designed to fit any of my runabout toy patterns and best of all, it's easy to make. You could create a whole animal parade!

You will need:
For one ruffle
● Jersey strip 90cm x 7cm (35 1/2 x 2 3/4in)
● Faux suede thonging, 90cm (35 1/2in)
● 2 lengths of 6mm (1/4in) ric rac trim, 90 cm (35 1/2in) each
● All purpose sewing thread in colour/s to match your jersey and ric rac trim
● Sewing machine
● Machine needle suitable for stretch fabric
● Pins

● Small saftey pin
● Scissors for fabric
● Fray stopper solution

How to make:

1. With jersey right side up, pin the first ric rac trim in place along the length of the strip, about 6mm (1/4in) from the edge. Sew into place, right down the centre line of the ric rac trim.

2. Repeat for the second ric rac trim, sewing it alongside the first.

3. Fold jersey strip in half lengthwise and pin, right sides out.

4. Sew a casing the length of the jersey, about 1cm from the fold.

5. Thread the faux suede thonging through the casing.

Tip: Use a small safety pin to help with the threading process. Pin the safety pin to the end of the thonging and slide it into the casing  opening and all the way through to the other end, gathering up the ruffle as you go.

6. Centre the thonging within the casing and remove the safety pin.

7. Adjust ruffle until gathers look evenly distributed and ruffle measures a length of about 33cm (13in).

8. Check thonging is still roughly centred to ensure you have equal tying lengths at each end of the ruffle. Pin thonging in place at each end of the casing.

9. Check that the ruffle is a nice fit on your runabout toy and tighten or loosen the gathers as required.

10. Sew each end of the casing closed to secure the thonging in place.

11. Dab the ends of the ric rac with fray stopper. (Leave the jersey edges raw because jersey doesn’t fray - yay!)

And you're done! … But hey, why stop at just one? 

Runabout bunny pattern for instant download from my etsy store here.

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