how to: riding sock

If you've made a hobby horse or other runabout toy, this nifty riding sock is here to save the day. It's designed to dampen knocking on hard flooring (and keep you sane). Best of all, it's super easy to make!

You will need:
For one riding sock
To fit 2.5cm (1in) dowel

● Felt strip 20cm x 5 1/2cm (8 x 2 1/8in)
● All purpose sewing thread in colour to match your felt
● Sewing machine  
● Pins

● Scissors for fabric

How to make:

1. Fold felt rectangle in half and pin to hold.

2. Machine sew down the first side, 6mm (1/4in) from the edge, remembering to reverse stitch at the starting and end points to secure. Repeat for the other edge. Trim threads.

And that's it! Pop it on the end of the dowel... and off you go!

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