{runabout hare} sewing pattern

Would you like to make one of these adorable runabout hares? I've just added this new tutorial to the store, for instant download! I hope you enjoy making your very own fluffle!*

This sewing pattern is best suited to sewists who have some experience with hand-embroidery and making basic soft toys. I've included plenty of photos, stitch guides and tips to guide you through. If you're unfamiliar with woodwork, don't be alarmed! It's minimal and basic, just a bit of sanding and I walk you through each step of the process.

You might even like to make an heirloom toy - something to treasure for many years to come! I love seeing pretty pieces upcycled for a whole new lease on life. If you don't have any vintage doilies stashed away, you could pick one up from the thrift store like I did.

And what's a hare without a costume?! This one is ready to join the circus, all fancy in a carnivale ruffle. You can find the free tutorial here

For more details, visit my store here. Happy making!

*Did you know that 'fluffle' refers to a group of bunnies? How come I never knew this? It's the perfect word don't you think?

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